What people think, say and do, are often incongruent.


"95% of decision making occurs below a level of consciousness.” Gerald Zaltman

We talk to people face-to-face and in online communities, but what people say and think don’t always match up. We use projective techniques and observe body language to tap into the subconscious and reveal people’s true thoughts and emotions. 

Photo: James Jardin


“People misremember their own pasts by recalling that they once thought, did and said, as what they now think, do and say.” Dan Gilbert

We immerse ourselves in the daily lives of your consumer, developing a deep contextual understanding of their motivations and behaviour. We conduct ethnographies and mobile diaries to reveal 'in the moment' insights of how they shop, use your product, or just go about their everyday lives.

Above: Consumer portraits of their homes in various studies


To talk to your consumers you must be intimate with them.

Research is all about getting to know other people.  We try to bring the people we meet to life in different and compelling ways so that our clients get to know them.

The more visual and engaging we can make our projects the better.  Whether it is a video, a photo essay or a desktop short cut. At the end of our projects, we’ll bring your consumer to life so that you have a richer understanding of who they are. 

Above: Manifestos and consumer handbooks