When music meets sustainability: Off The Grid 2017

December 20, 2017

What happens when you combine music with sustainability? One epic celebration.

Off The Grid Festival is a festival unlike any other – solar powered the entire time, the festival exists to challenge the way we live our lives and the resources we use. 

One of our The Australia Project panellists for our Melbourne Client Event, Ross Harding, together with his company Finding Infinity, founded the Off The Grid Festival in 2016. It brings together a team of musicians and artists, to explore the future of our cities, how we power them, and ultimately, showcase sustainability and eco living. There’s also 14 hours of talks from a plethora of experts, entrepreneurs and thought leaders across various fields including sustainability, food, architecture, and activism.

Kristy Richards
, Lab Partner and Head of Culture, will be presenting learnings from our recent The Australia Project at Off The Grid. Catch Kristy’s presentation from 9.30am – 10.00am, all about:

Why is Australian society going tribal?

•Why do Australians connect more on what makes us unique and different, than what brings us together?
•Why are we increasingly becoming a divided society, and one that no longer wants to be spoken to as one collective, but many?
•What values live at the heart of the rising tribes of Australia?
•And importantly how do these rising values re-frame what people are seeking from life, entertainment, and sustainable products and brands!
•Join us to explore the changing landscape of Australian society, and why it’s important to understand the rise of the Nichesteam!

To find out more information about Off The Grid 2017, visit the website 


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