We're excited to launch our very own Japanese tea!

March 25, 2019

Cultural insight helps us to deliver real commercial value for our clients by keeping them a step ahead with fresh perspectives and break-through innovations.

Recently, we decided to walk in the shoes of our clients and use cultural insight to launch our very own product - a Japanese tea called ZANSHIN Matcha

Image Source: ZANSHIN Matcha

We like to think of ZANSHIN Matcha as a way of achieving a calmer, more focused and present way of life. A way of being our best in an ‘always on’ culture that demands more of us but is also making us busier and distracted.

ZANSHIN Matcha was created to resolve this acute and increasingly prevalent cultural tension with a unique brand story, rare product qualities and a ritualistic experience.

Image Source: ZANSHIN Matcha

Zanshin (残心) is a timeless Japanese philosophy of a mind that is calm yet aware of surroundings. Essential to age-old Samurai and practiced by modern masters in tea ceremony, kendo, calligraphy and flower arranging, zanshin is an elevated expression of peak performance; one of focused detachment and effortless flow.

Matcha tea, an ancient Japanese stone-ground green tea powder, improves mental sharpness. We selected our matcha to deliver optimal mental performance.

ZANSHIN Matcha is handpicked from Japan’s oldest and most pristine tea region, Wazuka, Kyoto. It is a ceremonial grade matcha with 6 times more L-theanine than regular grade matcha - a rare amino acid that induces a state of relaxed alertness. Helping you feel calm, yet alert, whatever the situation you’re in. 

Gone are the jitters and edginess that comes when you clutch for coffee!

Image Source: ZANSHIN Matcha

For those not familiar with matcha tea, preparation isn’t as ‘easy’ as putting a tea bag in a cup. It’s a far more delicate and thoughtful process.

You first need to sift the powder into a tea bowl, add hot water, then whisk the tea with a bamboo whisk. At first this might seem like a lot of effort and just another stress in the day. But it’s really quite the opposite…

The ritual of preparing matcha tea helps us be more present in the moment. By being immersed in every step as you make your tea. Listening to the sounds of the kettle bubbling, and the tap of the bamboo tea scoop on the bowl. Seeing the vibrant colour of the matcha, and the beauty in the artistry of the whisk and bowl. Breathing in the aromas and appreciating the layers of the flavours in the taste. 

By doing this daily, you’re turning a ritual into a way of life. 

Image Source: ZANSHIN Matcha

Cherishing and prioritising daily rituals are critical, especially in this dynamic and ever-changing modern-day life. 

They help us to slow down. They are the points that keep us anchored, despite everything that’s going on around us. 

Rituals give us a way to find a sense of calm and focus.

Image Source: ZANSHIN Matcha

Our desire to live zanshin throughout the everyday was our inspiration to create the ZANSHIN Matcha brand. 

We’d love you to visit our website – zanshinmatcha.com – and follow us on Instagram (@zanshinmatcha) and let us know your thoughts. 

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