The Transit Factor: Understanding consumer commutes

April 30, 2017

Recently, we presented at APN Outdoor's launch of their new formula for understanding movement and advertising. Below, Partner Matt Sandwell, details our involvement in the project.

Matt Sandwell (right) with Peter Pynta and Casey Kudrenko from Neuro-Insight. 

As part of APN Outdoor’s ongoing relationship with The Lab, they were looking to build upon their already deep understanding of the consumer, by combining ethnography (via The Lab) and neuroscience (via Neuro-Insight) to understand the subconscious impact that transit media plays in people’s commutes and lives more broadly 

The Transit Factor!

The project involved undertaking n=20 ethnographies, going along with commuters on their commutes, across a range of key target audiences. 

As part of this, we starting with a brief depth interview to understand them, their world, and their commutes, then captured what they did and how they did it on their commute, and finished up with a brief wrap up depth interview to clarify what we saw.

This video footage mirrored their commutes and was used as input into the neuro assessment by Neuro Insights to ensure the most realistic presentation of stimulus to people in the neuro lab setting.

The result, a fantastic mix of methodologies that brought the commuter to life, their commute to life, and provided the all-important context to help make sense of the more than 4 billion data points captured in the neuro assessment. Importantly, this approach yielded a clear and compelling case for the role and impact of Transit media.

Articles available on Mediaweek and B&T.

To read more about The Transit Factor, visit APN Outdoor's website