October 3, 2019

13 years ago, we were provided a choice. We’d just started the business and we were presented with the designs for our potential new brand identity. Pretty important moment for a brand and insight agency.

The first option never stood a chance from the moment we saw The Lab man. We loved it. We did debate if the designers thought we had a huge ego, but we got over our insecurity.

Over the years a lot of things have changed. We’ve grown up. There are now over 30 of us across Australia. We have to admit, sometimes we pinch ourselves at the calibre of the team and our amazing projects and clients.

These days, we probably shouldn’t be calling him the Lab man anymore! We need to get the latest line on what pronouns we use to describe him!

One more thing has also changed. We have evolved our logo, our look and our feel. 

Over the next little while you see the change come through in our presentations, documents our website and on socials. 

The Mill were the designers who have led the evolution of the new look and feel. They have done a great job. Using a colour transition to represent our underlying promise of ‘Igniting Tomorrow’. They have created a beautiful and fresh palette of colours for us to use across our touch points.

You’ll be happy to know The Lab man remains! He has been given a little spruce up, but we like to think he retains his charm and personality.

We hope you like the new look and feel. Thanks again to The Mill and the team internally for bringing it all to life.

Neale, Paul & Andrew