The Lab Culture Mapping

November 21, 2013

Over the past few months we have been exploring what is happening in Australia across nine (9) different dimensions of our lives.

We chose these dimensions based around what we saw as being major planks of people’s existence, their areas of interest and by debating what makes us tick. 

Many of you will be familiar with STEEP analysis. The overall climate across the Social, Technological, Economic, Environmental and Political spaces definitely helps to form part of our thinking in this mapping process, however it lacks a degree of humanity, of a closeness to real life. Hence the reason why we have chosen and on what basis our outputs are around the nine dimensions. 

Our task individually, is to explore a dimension of life and bring it back to the rest of the team to share learnings and trends.

From these, the team look to ‘join the dots’ of similar trends occurring in different areas of our lives. Where we can find these, we know we have struck what we term a ‘Cultural Force’.

It is essentially something strong enough to be influencing our thinking, behaviours, or desires in a similar way, even though they may be coming to life in a different manner. For example, in the way me manage potential relationships, the way we appear to be working, and in how we are using our leisure time. We have found a common thread based around not wanting to waste a moment. We call this ‘uber intensity’.

Cultural forces impact how people behave, think and feel. These are different by demographic and psychographic. However there are some attitudes that prevail across the entire community.

We will be outlining five (5) different Cultural Forces in our briefings. All of which are having a profound impact on our thinking and raising different tensions in people’s lives. These Cultural Forces are:

Uber Intensity – the want to make the most of every moment

No boundaries – the blur occurring in everyday life across multiple dimensions.

Commoditisation – the increasing lack of meaning in everyday life.

The Intangible Frontier – the change being driven by a stampeding internet.

Erosion of Egalitarianism – the shift from we’ll be right to I’ll look after myself.

Over the next few weeks we will reveal one at a time.

The Cultural Forces influence marketing in many different ways. We have begun to outline some of the initial implications, but please feel free to contact us should you like to discuss these in more depth, or to see how we could interpret them for your brands and categories.