The Lab and Nine: Uncovering Powerful Insights

July 10, 2018

Over the past few months, we’ve been working together with the 9Powered team from Nine Entertainment Co. on a series of in-depth cultural and consumer insight pieces. 

These pieces were recently presented as part of Nine’s Cultural Conversation Series at the Nine Big Ideas Pop Up Store, by Lab members Neale Cotton and Kristy Richards, together with Melissa Mullins, Nine’s Director of Strategy.

Neale Cotton presenting 'The Australian Dream Reimagined' at the Nine Big Ideas Pop Up Store. Image Source: 9Powered

The projects sought to push the boundaries of what we know and were designed to help marketers better understand the cultural trends that impact content. 

• Women in the Driving Seat: This project shares insight into the relationship women have with their cars, and what women really want in the car-buying process, what they want from a car. We conducted in-depth interviews with women about their car-buying journey, ultimately, to understand how to connect with them in this process. 

• The Australian Dream Reimagined: This project uncovered people’s attitudes towards and understanding of what the “Australian Dream” of property ownership means today. We spoke to a range of experts across design, technology, and metro/regional living, to uncover how marketers can remain relevant with customers. Watch a short video with our experts here on Nine.

• Love is a (New) Battlefield: This project looked to understand the changing nature of relationships – and really understand what it means to be single, or in a relationship in today’s technology driven and reality-tv show centric dating world. We conducted a series of in-depth interviews with singles and couples across all lifestages and relationship stages, as well as ethnicities and sexualities, in order to understand the dynamics of a modern relationship.

The three cultural insight pieces, researched by The Lab team, and developed with Nine

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