Short Bite #3: ESOMAR 2016 World Research Congress

October 25, 2016

Recently we attended & spoke at ESOMAR 2016 World Research Congress. 

Today, we bring to you our third article in the Short Bites series!


In the third instalment of our series, we have chosen to highlight the development of chat bots coming out of the USA.

Kantar has set up a team of developers to create chat bots.

This could be a real game changer. 

What are chat bots?

Chat bots essentially hold conversations through text – so imagine you are conversing with a friend on messenger. You write. Then the chat bot replies. And so on…The chat bots are pre-programmed to take the conversation into certain locations.

They struggle to understand irony, and developers have found as soon as people realise it isn’t a person, that they become very, very harsh & derogatory.

Chat bots presentation by Kantar at ESOMAR World Congress 2016 - Chat bots clashing with machine learning.

Image source: The Lab

How can chat bots impact research?

One of the keynote speakers from Kantar talked about the fusion between qualitative & quantitative measures, and how chat bots make it possible to talk to lots of people in depth.

These chat bots they are developing are still in "Beta mode" from a research perspective, and haven’t yet been deployed to run a research project (or so we were told). But, just imagine their capabilities to converse easily and effectively, with lots of people at once. 

Chat bots may not be a part of a research process right around the corner, but watch this space, as they could mix up how brands converse with people and break down ‘data’. When you pair this with automated text management tools, chat bots might soon just be taking over!

If you’d like to find out any more about the comings and goings of what we heard and saw at ESOMAR 2016, please get in touch

Next week… Social media vs. Surveying.