Short Bite #1: ESOMAR 2016 World Research Congress

October 12, 2016

Recently we attended & spoke at the ESOMAR 2016 World Research Congress. We have created a series of 4 bites based on what we saw, to bring New Orleans to you!!!

Today, we bring you the first in the Short Bites series...

Image source: The Lab


We presented a paper on the use of virtual reality in research, in conjunction with Christine Wilson from Simplot.

The paper was all about an ethnographic study conducted where we virtually brought the Simplot marketing team into the kitchens of people across Australia.

The study reflected a new way of doing ethnographies. No researcher bias. Capturing real moments and then observing the footage.  

It changed our role dramatically, and for the Simplot marketing team, incorporating VR into the debrief spared them of a 2 hour debrief of PowerPoints and being told what to think. Instead, we shared with the marketers moments of frustrations, interactions with product and menus, and how people used packaging and ingredients.

Virtual reality was a major theme at the Congress. Tesla was showing how they are using it to develop new interiors, and Hollywood filmmakers were talking about how it will be one of the areas of growth in entertainment.

Expect VR to grow in research as cameras get built into phones, and technology permeates and becomes more accessible.

Paul & Christine Wilson (Simplot) presenting at ESOMAR World Congress 2016.
Image source: The Lab

If you’d like to find out any more about the comings and goings of what we heard and saw at ESOMAR 2016, please get in touch

Next week…Research in the real world.