Shattering Female Stereotypes and Taboos

August 13, 2018

How is women’s identity evolving in Australia?

Image Courtesy of B&T

Our recent cultural forays uncovered how progress is surprisingly being made in some of the most quintessentially ‘female’ domains’.

We’re seeing conventional symbols of ‘feminine’ being positively redefined in Australian society & culture, from pink to periods & vaginas. Let us tell you how.

No longer is pink simply just a signifier for ‘girlyness’; it’s being reappropriated as a tool for freedom & self-expression around gender. The rise of Millennial Pink, officially Pantone’s colour of the year in 2017, is unavoidable on our streets -  from pink hair to infiltrating the interiors aisles of Kmart. Dig deeper and this is more than just another colour fad; pink has become mainstream mode of speech for a generation who don’t feel pigeon-holed by gender norms.

“Millennial Pink is an ironic tone of softness without the sugary prettiness. This soft shade represents genderless fluidity, a place where there’s equality between both men and women, a place where we don’t care who’s who. It’s the colour of our freedom and a mindset where judgement is almost non-existent.”

- MindThis Magazine

Image Courtesy of Fenty x Puma via Harpers Bazaar

How we approach women’s menstruation in society is also being actively challenged. Rather than periods being off-limits & out-of-bounds, open & honest conversations are being instigated. From Kirin Gandhi running the London Marathon free-flow whilst on her period to a new wave of period solutions such as Thinx, there is a conscious quest to normalise attitudes towards periods happening within Australia & on the global stage.

Image Courtesy of Thinx via Glamour

Women’s decidedly ‘female’ body parts are being celebrated with renewed confidence & joy. We’re seeing culture shaking off women’s bodies as being objectified through the male gaze but heralding a new era of empowered women truly owning their bodies, particularly within music & arts. Take Janelle Monae, the latest exponent of contemporary feminism, who celebrates all things pink including her lovely lady bits in her music video for Pynk.

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So despite the pressing issues around the pay gap continuing, it's great to see this momentum in such female-focused spaces – where women are breaking down boundaries surrounding their female identity to foster a new sense of frankness about what being a woman is all about. Not just simply behind closed doors, but within very much within society & culture at large.

This is just one of our discoveries within our recent work with Bauer Media on understanding the future of women’s identity in Australia. If you’d like to learn more about how cultural insights could help unlock your current business challenge, please get in touch.