Life in the extreme

September 14, 2015

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66% of Australians agree that we live in a world of extremes

We are living lives defined by polarity, where we are increasingly being forced to choose among different realities and different ideas, many of which are conflicting.

As the plethora of different possibilities grows, we’re realising that we don’t have the capacity to do it all and be it all: we have to choose. We’re recognising our own limitations, starting to think actively about what we choose to care about, and what we choose not to care about.

At a practical level this is about finite resources: we don’t have the energy, the time, or the means to do and be everything we conceive of being, or want to be. If we don’t decide, we remain pulled between the different options, stretched too thin to garner any in-depth meaning or experience.

(The Lab Report, p.99)

This is an excerpt from The Lab Report, the result of a six-month intensive qualitative and quantitative research process. The report provides influential and disruptive ways for brands to think about their consumer, their category, and their role in today’s society.

After this excerpt, we talk about the ramifications that this is having on the mindsets of consumers.

What does this mean?

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