Big Picture Event: Into the Unknown

July 17, 2015

At The Lab, we’re always thinking about the intersection of brands, people and culture, questioning the world around us to understand emerging patterns and social truths that are affecting people now, and thus how we can shape more meaningful brands in the future.  One of the ways we share this understanding, is through our annual Big Picture Events.

Where have we been?

Two years ago, The Lab’s Big Picture Event questioned whether or not we were entering “The Century of Women” and this discourse dominated the following year, with Emma Watson’s #heforshe UN speech and Frozen becoming the highest-grossing animated film ever.

Last year, our Big Picture Event examined the clash of “Man vs Machine”, discussing the tensions that exponential technologies create for us as humans.  Since then, Apple has claimed its stake on our wrists, 3D-printed body parts have entered our hospitals, drones have appeared at our music concerts, and humanlike robots hit the SXSW stage.

Where are we going?

This year, our Big Picture Event is taking you “Into the Unknown” both literally and figuratively.

As the theme of the event, we’re asking:

What does discovery mean in a world that is increasingly curated, tidied and managed by external powers?

Can we ever truly discover something new anymore, and if so, where can we start looking for it?

As boundaries continue to break down, how do we find things that genuinely challenge and inspire us?

With the world at our fingertips, we’ve reached the point where we’re stretched too thin and we don’t know how to navigate our way through the noise.  It’s in this atmosphere that the meaning of discovery is being questioned and reevaluated.

As such, we’re presenting three different spaces to choose from on the night, each designed to inform, inspire and provoke discovery… The catch? No one will know what’s in the space until they experience it!

This Big Picture Event will also launch our annual Cultural Paradigms Report, and we’ll be sharing some sneak previews on the night. This report is designed to capture and size social values and cultural shifts within Australia, and provide tangible ways for brands and companies to understand and adapt to them.

We can’t wait to share these cultural insights with our wider community.  Get in touch for more information about the event or the Cultural Paradigms Report.