IKEA's new ad asks you to 'Start Something New'

October 8, 2013

IKEA's new spot 'Start Something New' is a simple and charming story which aims to inspire people to break out of everyday monotony and experience something new. 

It tells the story of an elderly man who escapes his humdrum daily routine with the purchase of a simple foldable IKEA chair. 

The fact that the TVC's adventurous spirit is embodied by a protagonist in his later years, rather than the typical sprightly youth, adds an interesting layer and drives in a real sense of possibility.

Reinforcing IKEA's brand philosophy

Not only is it an uplifting story, it is a strong example of how a piece of communication can subtly reinforce brand philosophy. 

IKEA has always struck me as a brand that embraces innovation and encourages openness to new possibilities. For example, its brand manifesto expounds the 'IKEA way' - an amalgamation of its values of '[creating] a better everyday life for the many people' with humbleness, simplicity and ingenuity. This brand philosophy trickles down to its product designs, communications and PR. For example, it's not pedantic about ensuring its designs are used 'as is' out of the factory (there are so many sites dedicated to 'IKEA hacks'!)

This piece is a fine example of content marketing - the art of communicating with your customers and prospects without selling - which is sometimes the forgotten sibling of traditional advertising.