IGA keeping it real in the Christmas supermarket battle

December 25, 2013

With the 2013 festive season in review, the supermarkets slugged it out for our attention with new, personality-driven Christmas campaigns.

Up against the sheer presence of Coles and Woolies, IGA is often cast in the Cinderella role. This Christmas was no different if the advertising campaigns are anything to go by.

Leading the way in the glamour stakes are Brit Chef icons Heston Blumenthal (Coles) and Jamie Oliver (Woolies). IGA’s Anh Do on the other hand, takes a more humble approach.

Featuring Anh visiting Aussie households on a red motorbike and sidecar, the budgets are significantly smaller, but none the worse for it. While he may be less famous, Anh has a homegrown authenticity that lacks the English celebrity front man glam. And he keeps entirely within IGA’s values.

IGA has built its brand around being the ‘local’ provider, with its stores the ‘local heroes’ of a progressive, multicultural Australia. Its tone is real, everyday, and grounded. As such, Anh is a great fit; he represents the IGA brand as a friendly, multicultural, local hero.

So in the attempt to differentiate themselves, we ask: have Coles and Woolies merely merged into shades of ‘celebrity chef-dom’? And is IGA the real winner in staying true to both its own roots, and the deeper cultural values of Australia?