Future of work: Lab guest speaking at BKindred event

November 27, 2017

What is the future of work? How will it relate to and interact with society? 

Off the back of our recent The Australia Project launch and debate in Melbourne, one of our panellists, Penny Locaso founder of BKindred, has invited us to return the favour at BKindred’s upcoming event, Humanising The Future of Work.

Lab Partner and Head of Culture, Kristy Richards, will feature as one of six panellists setting out to debate and explore how society can humanise the future of work, in order to live happier lives. 

Kristy’s fellow panellists include:

Marissa Senzaki
Head of Talent Acquisition & Weployee Experience at Weploy

Omer Molad
Co-founder and CEO at Vervoe

Keran McKenzie
Futurist In Residence @ MYOB

Sheree Rubenstein
Founder & CEO at One Roof

And, Penny Locaso
Happiness Hacker, Future of Work Thought Leader, and Founder of BKindred.

To find out more about Humanising The Future of Work, visit the BKindred website