Emotion is money

October 6, 2015


“To be honest with you I feel like I skim a lot of things. It’s not unusual for me to be watching a movie and doing something separate on my iPad. Because I can, and because sometimes something in the movie triggers a thought. And I don’t know whether it’s a by-product of time or whether it’s because there’s just this sort of freakin tsunami of shit coming at you”.

David Claringbold, Cultural Expert Thinker

In trying to fit everything in, we tend to get less pleasure from doing things.

Technology sits firmly at this intersection. With everything at our fingertips, it leads us towards more options that help us see more, do more and be more. The result in having so much at our disposal is that we skim more, and absorb less. We end up with a diminished experience as our energy and emotions become exhausted across several things. This is e-scarcity.

(The Lab Report, page 106)

This is an excerpt from The Lab Report, the result of a six-month intensive qualitative and quantitative research process. The report provides influential and disruptive ways for brands to think about their consumer, their category, and their role in today’s society.

After this excerpt, we talk about what effect this is having on consumer behaviour.

What effect is it having?

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