Aussie Mindsets - Unity Seekers

August 28, 2018

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This is the final article in a series of four articles exploring each of the four mindsets uncovered in our Australia Project. 

Read on to find out more about the Australia Project, and mindset #4- Unity Seekers.

The details of the Australia Project are highlighted in article #1 - please click here to read more about the details and the process we went through. 

As part of our Australia Project, we unearthed four key mindsets Aussies are using to traverse the ‘rocky’ grounds of what our lives are today.

The outline below provides a snapshot into the four mindsets.

Image Source: The Lab Australia Project 2017

We have found the four mindsets an invaluable tool. As a way of plotting a course for brand positioning. Inspiring new perspectives on product and service development. As well as angles into categories to disrupt them. Or for simply helping to understand why certain shifts in categories have been occurring.


Unity Seekers are about the whole. Not the parts. They want to bring everyone along for the journey. They feel the way we go about things says a lot about us. They seek to understand others and situations.  They believe in learning and being open minded. 


They are fundamentally about listening and believing that the change they seek can be brought about through understanding.

So to connect with them:
• Involve them. Consult & collaborate.
• Paint the picture of the direction. Ideally one all can share in.
• Celebrate differences.
• Celebrate diversity.
• Talk about togetherness and binding ties.
• And be brave enough to introduce different perspectives. 


SBS is the obvious choice for this mindset. They do all of the above.  They have a vision about multicultural Australia and they not only celebrate it, but live it everyday. 24/7.

In a very different category, The Australian Meat & Livestock campaign for Lamb that launches every Australia Day has made some strong commentary about Australia & how we have progressed over time in regards to multiculturalism.

But this doesn’t have to be about race. Lynx for example celebrated the different features we all have – imploring us to be proud of what makes us different in a 2017 campaign.

So if you’d like to sit around the fireplace and have a lovely collaborative discussion about your brand and how openness and understanding could push you into new spaces please get in touch. 

And similarly, if the other mindsets also spark an interest, please don’t hesitate to call. We can show you how to connect & apply the mindsets to your business.