Aussie Mindsets - Spiritual Searchers

September 26, 2018

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This begins a series of four articles exploring each of the four mindsets uncovered in our Australia Project.

Read on to find out more about the Australia Project, and mindset #1 - Spiritual Searchers. 

As part of our Australia Project where we map the sentiment of Australians and look to decode what they are after for the next 18 months, we unearthed four key mindsets Aussies are using to traverse the ‘rocky’ grounds of what our lives are today.

For the record, the study, which scanned millions of points of web data, involved 16 expert interviews and culminated in a quantitative piece of 1600 people.

As a very, very short summary, Aussies are feeling increasingly uncertain. Weighed by a social and economic climate that they just do not trust. Nor do they necessarily see how things at a macro level will get better.

With that, we have seen how they are shifting to four views of the world that will help them plot the course they feel is right for them.  Essentially, we are fragmenting as a population.

The outline below provides a snapshot into the four mindsets.

Image Source: The Lab Australia Project 2017

We have found the mindsets invaluable. As a way of plotting a course for brand positioning. Inspiring new perspectives on product and service development. As well as angles into categories to disrupt them. Or for simply helping to understand why certain shifts in categories have been occurring.


Spiritual Searchers are all about bringing meaning into their lives.  They are not at ease with the pace of change nor are they comfortable with an increasing sense of individualism and commercialism. 

They want for feeling a part of something bigger.  It is not about religion. They are led by their moral compass. Thinking not just of themselves. But others too.


They look to the bigger picture. Have a sense of self & others.  But they look for the positive in people and scenarios.

If you feel like you can use this mindset to connect with your consumer base think about:

• How people can do good
• Making meaningful contributions.
• Sticking with their ideals.
• Elevate their sense of importance. 


Medibank has a program built around this this notion for their staff.  A way for them to feel a sense of freedom in their collective approach to work. 26 types of work settings. Edible gardens & thousands of plants to relive stress. The result. 70% of staff reporting they are feeling healthier.

Another great example is 
Lululemon. They have taken all that is majestic about yoga and owned it. This new campaign emphasises how meditation, breadth and self-discipline learned from yoga translates into other pursuits and living life with meaning.

This is clearly just a top line look into the Spiritual Searcher mindset. But as you can see there is a lot to get to know about them. And the way of thinking could be applied to many scenarios. 

To learn more about the study or any of the mindsets please don’t hesitate to get in contact. We can show you how to connect & apply the mindsets to your business.