Aussie Mindsets - Nostalgists

August 26, 2018

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This is article number 2 in a series of articles exploring each of the four mindsets uncovered in our Australia Project. 

Read on to find out more about the Australia Project, and mindset #2- Nostalgists. 

The details of the Australia Project are highlighted in article #1 - please click here to read more about the details and the process we went through. 

As part of our Australia Project, we unearthed four key mindsets Aussies are using to traverse the ‘rocky’ grounds of what our lives are today. 
The outline below provides a snapshot into the four mindsets.

Image Source: The Lab Australia Project 2017

We have found them invaluable. As a way of plotting a course for brand positioning. Inspiring new perspectives on product and service development. As well as angles into categories to disrupt them. Or for simply helping to understand why certain shifts in categories have been occurring.


Nostalgists look to the past to face the future. They find solace in smaller groups and tribes which are united by traditional Australian values like community, family and mateship. They feel these will insulate them from the world outside.

They are not just ‘oldies’ or boomers.  But they see the positives in their past. And look to find ways to bring them back into a modern context. 


Importantly, these people are not just about the good old days. It is more about taking what is familiar and recutting it.  Reshaping it for today. They are principled.

So to connect with them…

• Demonstrate that you have conviction.
• Mix the old with the new.
• Create villages and involve them.
• Evoke stories of the past - link it to a location or people. 


Arnott’s have moved their campaign on from being about ‘no substitute’ to celebrating its place in society today. Playing with the childlike ways people engage with their product. Sucking the milk through a Tim Tam for example.

On a slightly different note, the redevelopment of the Adelaide Oval has totally re-energised the city.  But they didn’t just dump the old oval.  Instead they brought the best of the old and fused it with the new. They have retained the infamous hill & the scoreboard. At the same time preserving the relaxed ‘vibe’ of the stadium. Rather than just being a concrete palazzo!

Image Source: Adelaide Oval

This is clearly just a top line look into the Nostalgist mindset. If you are keen to take a look back and see what you can draw on for your brand or how it could be applied to your category just let us know. 

And while we are at it, to learn more about the study, or any of the other mindsets please don’t hesitate to get in contact. We can show you how to connect & apply the mindsets to your business.