Aussie Mindsets - Decisive Leaders

August 27, 2018

Image Source: Psychological Science

This is article number 3 in a series of articles exploring each of the four mindsets uncovered in our Australia Project. 

Read on to find out more about the Australia Project, and mindset #3- Nostalgists. 

The details of the Australia Project are highlighted in article #1 - please click here to read more about the details and the process we went through. 

As part of our Australia Project, we unearthed four key mindsets Aussies are using to traverse the ‘rocky’ grounds of what our lives are today.

The outline below provides a snapshot into the four mindsets.

Image Source: The Lab Australia Project 2017

We have found them invaluable. As a way of plotting a course for brand positioning. Inspiring new perspectives on product and service development. As well as angles into categories to disrupt them. Or for simply helping to understand why certain shifts in categories have been occurring.


Decisive Leaders want change. And they want to see it led from individuals, organisations and groups of people.  People who believe in something. They are disenchanted & feel like life in Australia is not heading where it should. They bemoan lack of leadership, subsequently feeling like they should be the ones who take action. You can imagine how they feel about politics at the moment.

Similar to the nostalgists, they feel the country has become too PC and as we try to bring everyone along, we risk being a society for the lowest common denominator.


Decisive Leaders, as the name suggests applaud & admire action. So to connect with them:

• Make it about the now.
• Instant returns.
• Be bold and shoot for something potentially beyond the rational.
• Get to the point. Nothing frivolous.
• And be about getting things done. 


There are many brands connecting with this mindset in very different ways. Aldi for example due to their strategy of rationalising product range. And Bunnings because they have such a simple & easy proposition.

But at the other end of the spectrum are brands that are more cutting edge like Homer Hudson. Who claim to find out what people want and then give them double.  Illustrating they love what they do & back themselves.

Similarly, KFC’s Shut Up & Take My Money campaign is unapologetic in the main characters love of the food from KFC.  A strategy sure to click with this mindset.

As the Decisive Leaders would like, we have kept this to the point. Should this mindset spark any thoughts for you & your brand category. Please get in touch. 

And likewise, if the other mindsets also spark an interest, please don’t hesitate to get in contact. We can show you how to connect & apply the mindsets to your business.