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September 18, 2014

We are proud to announce that Daniel Bluzer-Fry was recently awarded the George Camakaris Award for Best Paper by a Young Researcher at the Annual AMSRS Research Conference.

Daniel’s paper was co-authored with Anthony Hudson, Manager of Customer Insight at Betfair and focused on the topic of in-field usability testing.  The paper and presentation focused on the use of in-situ technology to understand the Betfair Mobile Website User Experience in a variety of real world environments, which ultimately provided deeper contextual insights around the needs and motivations of customers beyond what lab-based usability testing can provide.

At The Lab, we’re proud to have Dan’s work recognized. It pushed thinking to a new level, got our client deeper and more useful insights, and also gave us a chance to showcase some of the work we do to push our research to new levels!  But enough wind in your sails now, Dan mate, back to work! 

If you don’t believe our slightly biased review of how awesome we think the paper is, then here are a couple of independent reviews:

Thanks to Betty Adamou-McGhie & Tom Ewing for their kind write-ups!

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