AMSRS SPECIAL: Mobile In The Moment

September 5, 2014

With our AMSRS presentation having taken place today, we thought that for those that couldn’t attend, it may be worthwhile sharing a short summary of our presentation titled ‘Mobile In The Moment: Understanding UX in relation to contextual needs and behaviours’.

The presentation is based on a research piece undertaken in 2013 in which Betfair and The Lab set out to understand customers’ experience of the Betfair mobile website in order to innovate/enhance the user experience of the mobile website.

To do this, rather than having consumers come into a lab environment to run tests on how they use their mobile device on the Betfair and competitor websites, we recognized that the interplay of the context participants are in, coupled with their motivations, influences their behaviour. As such, we had our participants download a state of the art mobile application to undertake usability tests in field, and sent them to a variety of locations (e.g. the pub/tab, the track) at times that suited them to capture deeper insights around the overall UX with greater ecological validity.

After this, we gave ourselves a week to analyse and theme a number of different UX pressure points and invited consumers back to test and discuss ways to potentially resolve/enhance these.

At the conference, we did a brief recap of this process before focusing on some of the benefits, limitations and thoughts for the future around doing field based mobile research that emerged throughout the research process. Keep an eye out for our paper and presentation on the AMSRS website in coming days!