We like to think we are autonomous individuals, but we are shaped by the world around us.

Cultural Mapping

We can’t know how to get there, without knowing where we’re going.

We study 10 dimensions of life in Australia to understand and pinpoint the cultural forces shaping how we feel, think and what we desire. 

Above: The Lab's Cultural Forces map


Semiotics is the study of meaning through signs.

Signs are cultural symbols, be it the colour red, a Ford, or a pink baby blanket, every item symbolises something about the people who engage with it.  People use them every day as short-cuts to meaning. 

We get underneath these signs, to explore what explicit and implicit ideas are represented, and how we can use these to build more meaningful brands. 

We study how semiotic codes influence the world your brand operates in, from pack, to communications, to pop culture, to occasion. 

By understanding the codes that create meaning, we can better bend and mould them to create new and interesting spaces for brands. 

Big Picture

Different groups of people are influenced by culture in different ways.

 We conduct our own bespoke studies into the influential areas in today’s world.  These think-pieces help to provide important cultural context on our client projects.

Our projects include:

Codes of Cool for young men
The Man study
The Woman study
The Power of Retro
Footballer Identity