To us, research is a means to an end.

Problem solvers

We get asked to solve all types of challenges.

For example;

- How can I grow the category?
- How should I segment our market?
- How can we better meet the needs of our customers?
- How should we communicate the message?
- What does my brand own in the mind of the consumer?
- Are our communications emotionally engaging?
- How can we ensure that we have a lot of new product ideas to keep our pipeline full?

Each project is different, as the circumstance always changes.  So we treat each project on its own merits and create an approach bespoke to each category.

Consumer understanding

Whether it’s segmentation, U&A, brand positioning, innovation or communication, all of our projects require us to understand people in some way shape or form.

We apply cultural theory to understand them as people. We explore their desires, motivations and frustrations, and break down how this impacts a category or brand.

We understand the nuances within a category and how people use products or think about a brand. By doing this, we can spot new opportunities and help to create leaps in product development, communications and go-to-market strategies.

Brand positioning

“Marketers have become today's mythmakers, providing society with explanation, meaning, and ritual.” – Jonah Sachs

We explore how we can create new worlds of meaning for brands.

We understand how and where brands can speak to consumers in new ways, or with new results. 

Our approach reveals the stories a brand can tell to solve the tensions between your consumer's lives and societal ideologies, and the codes it can embody to create deeper sense of cultural meaning.

Above: Brandcepts, adcepts and archetypes - tools we use to help understand and map brands and their meanings

Innovation & Product Development

“If there’s a better way to do it – find it.” Thomas Edison

For us, innovation is about joining the dots. 

There is no single way to do this. Clients get us involved at different levels in the process. From understanding where to play, ideating new ideas, and how to best execute an idea.

To create leaps, we harness cultural trends, understand a consumer’s tension or desired identity and explore how a category/brand can fulfill that.

We’ll run workshops where we employ creative thinking techniques to help inspire big ideas. We co-create, bring in opinion leaders, conduct ethnographic style research, use existing information and harness internal capability to create new products that have longevity and power.

Above: Illustrations from innovation workshops


We work across many types of communications; advertising, packaging, websites & identity.

No brand is an island, so we look to understand the cultural equity it is creating and working within, as well as people’s emotional & rational responses.

It’s not about picking winners, we optimise and develop in conjunction with agencies and the marketing team.

Above: Consumer drawings to capture how different communications has made them feel